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locro - traditional dish of Argentina

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Locro is a traditional Argentinian dish/stew made with corn, beans, meat (beef or pork), chorizo, potatoes, pumpkin or squash, scallion, tomato puree, paprika & black pepper. Have found MANY different recipes is Delicious! Happy Independence Day Argentina! July 9th 2016 is 200 years of Independence!
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Look yummy. Thanks Lori.


Beautiful and lovely memories, Lori! (and delicious, too! hee hee) As my sister said, thanks for sharing them with us! Many hugs, dear friend! ☺♥☼


It IS Cheryl! (I've 'bookmarked' your puzzles of Argentina. Beautiful!) ~ thank you ~ Lori

Looks delicious!!!! 1:45


De nada Querida Amiga!!! I will also try Lori!!! ♥


Cecilia, your English is much better than my Spanish! (I will try to do even better.) Gracias Amiga! ☺


No Lunie, I just eat it !!! Hahaha


Cecile, do you know how to do it?


Thanks Lori for sharing your memories with us!!! In National Days we usually eat locro (made by people who know)!!! I loved learning about your country too, but with language... I can't learning it well, sorry!!! ♥


CECE & TERE "Me encanta el locro, too!) ☺ When I was about 13 yrs. old I met a friend whose grandmother (abuela Rosa) was from Argentina. She made the most delicious food! Locro was my favorite, but she also made empanadas' & pastelitos! (We didn't speak a word of the same language, but had a great relationship!) Wonderful memories! I loved learning about your country...but got VERY hungry doing so! DELICIOUS FUN! ~ Hope you had a great Independence Day! ~ Lori....P.S. Roseglow, you should try it! ☺


Thanks Dilubreur, but, as I am a terrible cook, have never made it...but IT IS delicious! Have eaten it MANY times! ☺ ~ Lori


Oh yes, Roseglow, it's delicious! :-)

Sounds delicious!


Mmm yummy!!! I love locro, too! Thank you, Lori, for this puzzle (and the recipe!)!!! And thank you so much, again, for this serie of puzzles about our country!!! Many hugs!!!! ☺♫☼♥


Thanks Lori!!! Locro is one of the most tipical foods and it's so delicious!!! I love locro (Me encanta el locro)!!! ♥♥♥


delicious, thanks


That's a very yummy dish Lori, i could just imagine. How do you do it?

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