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I found this Great Egret "fishing" along Humboldt Bay when I went bird watching near Arcata, California. These birds are found in most U.S. states and are found in every continent except Antarctica. They feed alone and defend a ten foot diameter space around themselves from other shorebirds. The lime green patch between their eye and bill shows up while they are in the breeding season.


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Oh shoot!!! I'm sorry it ate your Goldfish. :-( Goldfish are beautiful too. :-)


dblay, unfortunately, this point is the last thing that many large goldfish in our pond saw. Terry


olando, Egrets are actually a type of heron. Cranes look similar to herons but are a difference species. Terry


Great close-up of this beautiful Egret. As Vips said, this bird is concentrating on lunch. :-)) Great puzzle and fun too work. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with us.


Great shot Terry. You can see how he is waiting for a fish to show up. Vips

What is the difference between an Egret and a Heron? They look much alike, I guess they belong to the same family.


What a beauty!!


Yes, your beak has quite a point!

Lovely picture and thanks for the info!
We see them here in Holland too.
Especially the last years.
They used to live more south, like Spain.