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Decided not to do the stile

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Mostly because the track up no longer seemed a ‘gentle’ slope. Bank’s Peninsula, NZ May 2022
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Absolutely - you have nailed it Janet! :))😄

Glad you enjoyed the view dear Ank. Weather is ok the ski fields are thrilled and although i moan about the cold I recognise that it is nothing compared to lots of places. Thank you kind lady 💕

Greetings daasha and many thanks ❤️

Simply beautiful!!! Thanks and have a nice day, Jill. ♥♥♥


I love to see this view, it's beautiful. I'm sorry for your bad weather. Stay in, stay warm. ♥♥♥


Know your limits! It is nice though to sit down after a tiring walk and eat something fattening like cake and have no guilt lol


Thanks Val. Yes winter has certainly hit! Didn’t have to go out today and was quite happy about that. Keep warm.💕🤗


Another lovely scenic view, it must have been a long walk Jill. We are feeling the bite of winter today, very gusty wind and chilly rain. ☺♥


Yep Janet have to live within our means physically as well as financially, what a bummer lol Thanks and hugs ❣️


Tea it does have lots of great scenery and a lovely life style just lacks the amazing old buildings of Europe 😊 Thank you so much


Thank you Irena, winter weather has hit here so was happy to be at home.


That sounds wise Jill, but what a beautiful view and a fabulous puzzle. Hugs ♥♥


NZ has lovely scenery . . everywhere!
Thanks Jill for the puzzle :)


Lol Jerry absolutely- that’s the best part of the show 😉


@JillianB HA! Kilts and all?


Whoops posted before finished - …these tree trunks are ready for next event!


Thank so much Cyndi always lovely to get your positive comments

Your Excellency you are so right. Oh very clever “stylish” 😄👍🏼Well done mate

Jerry just too clever lol The vista is beautiful. Jerry you know how the Scottish throw the caber well here in NZ we throw tree trunks so these


Nice place and photo. Thank you, Jill. Have a nice day.


Exactly Ed! 😊


JillianB You've nailed another beautiful vista, Kiwi. But girl, you're always stilin'...oops, that needed a "y" in it.

I really also admire that tall, hefty stockade fence running uphill beyond the stile. Gotta do something to keep the rampaging wild NZ pachyderms in check! Mercy!


Safety First Lady Jillian, a beautiful scene., cheers stylish tinker ! ......B


Beautiful photo of this amazingly beautiful place.....


Wow Jacki you were fast on the scene :) thanks. We are looking back at where we came from and would return to as the next part seemed pretty steep. Thanks for enjoying the view.


That is a breathtaking view, Jillian. No need to climb higher and lose all ones breath... :-))


WOW! What a beautiful and peaceful scene!
(but I agree with you! If what goes down must come back up . . . it really doesn't appear very "gentle")

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