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Nativity scene 2

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Nativity scene a few streets from our house.
Baby Jesus was moved to the porch out of the snow . This nativity set will still be there in April , it was last year.
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  1. marunka2770:06
  2. era40:07
  3. Beekay0:07
  4. racoon0:08
  5. francine19470:08
  6. Harno0:08
  7. Ribs0:08
  8. Brie16480:08
  9. Marco201450:10
  10. JM_Cookie0:11


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A good idea to move the holy family to the porch methinks! I love your avatar btw, Jim! I'll have to see if I can find some of my baby pics - will have to dig deep at the back of the wardrobe!


Jim, I love your baby picture. I'm seven in my photo. It's good that more and more people are doing it - it's fun. Thanks for the snowy Nativity too. hugs dear friend.

Jim Betlém zůstane až do Velikonoc, budete slavit potom ještě vzkříšení Ježíše.
Jim Bethlehem will remain until Easter, then you still celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.


Oh Jim...I have quite a few more wrinkles than a prune and too much grey hair! We drive on the left which is the right side! LOL! And I love the States- I have great friends there and met up with Laura and Sandi Thanksgiving 2013. I have touched ground in 35 states and flew to New York for the day back in 1977 on the inaugural flight of Concorde.
I too am retired (I love every moment), have just moved 250 miles north to the North Yorkshire coast, no children - teaching 44 years is a massive deterrent! Give me cats any day :o)
I love the baby pictures - it has gathered momentum and there are so many super old pictures


Brie, Your a cute baby , probably beautiful now. I see your in the UK, we were there in 79. We loved it , I rented a car ,it was the first time I drove on the wrong side of the road, I'm sure you say we drive on the wrong side here.
I've noticed every body is posting their baby pictures , I had to join the crowd. I was lucky to find one , I didn't know they had camera's when I was a baby.


Why thank you Jim! Yes, cat people are very special. And I am sure you will be able to post another nativity next Easter (2016!)


Brie1648, thanks a lot , I hope I'm still here then. I see that you have cats , we love our Timmy too. Cat people are special. Jim.


May I be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas 2015!


Smllpkg, Snows gone before they are ever taken down.
They're usually up around the first of November. They're life sized figures , maybe they keep them in the house and put them out front early to ease congestion in the house, if that's where they keep them.


BK ,I was concerned also .


Does it take that long for all your snow to disappear?


Glad Baby Jesus is under shelter ☺

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