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Happy Valentine wallpaper free (8)

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Happy Valentine's Day to all my Jigidi friends.
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Happy Valentines Day Rosie


Pretty design, that day will soon be here.


beautiful roerick


Rosie, this is so pretty, thank you. mary


This is beautiful, Rosie. You should put up more puzzles if you can. All of your images are great! Thanks


Rosie - this is wonderful, elegant design and I love the colors.


Nice colors and pattern roerick I use a free program from the intenet years ago called photo studio but i am certain some of the free one's on there now will be as good and just play with any photos you may have of every day objects to make mosaics etc hope this helps. I am a retired electrician, with three grown up children 7 gandsons and 2 great grand children all the best jb :-)))


This is pretty, Rosie. Thanks for the good wishes.


And to you my friend...Callie Lou wants you to be her Valentine! ;-)))

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