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  1. Perdue14:09
  2. JigiAddict4:11
  3. bunzy4:15
  4. IBAHKABYH4:58
  5. cappy1025:02
  6. warbler5:02
  7. Loublou5:09
  8. petey1235:24
  9. sbmorgaine5:54
  10. Tzez6:10


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I'm glad you enjoyed the view. It is breathtaking and I think the artist creates some wonderful scenes.


Imagine waking up to that view everyday - what bliss! Thanks @Birgit73 for sharing :)


@Donnajames - Just received a message from Sarah and thankfully all tests came back negative and Zavier's jaundice follow up went well. Also, he's only lost 4 oz so Sarah said that she was finally on her way home to her 'chunky monkey'. My son-in-law certainly learned what it's like to be a 'mommy', though women from the church and friends helped him out today. We've had enough issues to deal with for a while so now need room to recuperate.


@Birgit73 Good grief! You don't just need a glass of need the WHOLE bottle!!!!! hahaha Keep me posted on how your daughter is doing and on you, of course! bf


@Donnajames - I knew you'd get the idea! Lol. Yes, another peaceful setting which I need right now, as I'm on the mend, but now my daughter has had a challenging day with sudden leg swelling and the blood test showing a blood clot. One hospital did the wrong test so at the ultrasound, the doctor said she needed a Cat Scan so has wasted all day waiting for things to happen, with a newborn at home. We just can't win!


Yep...again just the right amount of blue against the terra cotta and background of the mountains. Oh, just noticed a couple glasses of wine waiting for us. Coming...……… bf

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