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  1. kadeeken4:43
  2. malcolmm1815:51
  3. enddump6:23
  4. murrcar7:05
  5. opallia7:27
  6. PUSSLED7:30
  7. pacemone7:40
  8. KarstenW9:20
  9. bud749:27
  10. jimedwards10:10


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I had a buddy in Memphis that put a 351 Cleveland in his '50 Ford coupe, and he had fits doing it. I don't think he ever got it finished. He did sell it before he passed away.
I'm still having fits with my motor mounts and oil pan clearance.
I haven't even got to the serpentine belt system yet. .... different water pumps.... different brackets for alternator and a/c comp.... on and on. I will win the battle in the end. It's been done before and it will be done again.

Hey..I'd like to see some under hood pictures when you start and finish putting that 351 in yours..I always wished and thought about putting a 390 in my 50 club coup back in 1961-62..but college and Uncle Sam got in the way.


Yeah thanks. Looks a lot like mine.

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