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Sunflower Patch Next Door

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My neighbor has a huge patch of sunflowers out front. There is a hedge between our houses which is way taller than I but standing on my porch I could see these. Took this one about a month ago. They are pretty well gone now.
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Thank you, Lunie. I think what you re seeing as chocolate covered are centers of flowers that have lost their yellow petals. No, I do not have a closeup of them.


I love those chocolate colored ones Ardy. Do you have a close up of them? TFS.


You're welcome, Pam. It impressed me. ☺♥☺


That's quite a patch, Ardy! Thanks for sharing - an enjoyable view and solve. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


You're welcome, Shirley.


Lovely sunflowers, Thanks, Ardy.


Thanks, Val. Oher than fields of sunflowers in Israel I haven't seen this large a group of them. Like yours they are usually one stalk one flower. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Fascinating photo thank you Ardy, our Sunflowers just grow one stalk one flower. Hugs dear friend ♥♥


You're welcome, AB. I think these are the tallest sunflowers I've ever seen.


They are SO
How lovely that you could enjoy them as well
Thank you for sharing


Glad you can enjoy these, Barb. Sorry the ones there didn't make it. I think you're right that they can't grow in the desert. It's been a nice day. Sam stopped by and put all the garbage and recycling containers out for tomorrow's pick up. He'll stop by tomorrow and put them all away again. It's such a nuisance not to be able to walk safely. Hugs 😊💛


Thanks, Faye. This is the first time in a long time that I have not had at least some volunteer sunflowers in my yard. Need to change that for another year. 💛💛💛


They grew so I could enjoy them too, Suzy. ☺ I'm surprised I didn't notice them before seeing them from the street. Hugs!


You're welcome, Jill. I need to make sure I have some planted next year.


They are so pretty and I love seeing them on your photo. Thank you, Ardy. On one corner of my street, I was watching several sunflowers that people planted in spring. They grew to 3 and 4 feet, attempted to bloom and then dried up and died. No growing them in the desert....LOL Hope you are having a nice day. Hugs 🙂❤️


Sunflowers are wonderful!!! Not only do they bring a smile to your face...they feed the birds, produce terrific oil, etc. It amazes me how their stalks can hold up such heavy flowers...that actually turn toward the sun! Lovely, Ardy. 🌻🌻🌻


Sunflowers are SOOOO great! And these are so very TALL! Lucky you to have them in sight! Hugs!


They are such magnificent flowers, thanks for showing us these ones Ardy.


These are so tall. Sam planted some for me a few years ago the grew to at last ten feet. I hadn't noticed these until Cheerie Lou was bringing me home from an appointment and I saw them from the road but the opposite side that I can see from the porch. Wish I could have taken the shot from that side. The view was so eye catching. Thanks, Jacki. Hugs


WOW! They don't seem to grow that tall here -- or ours are a slightly different kind from these. Beautiful photo Ardy. Thank you and hugs

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