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Brindabella Park at Canberra Airport. Friday 23 January

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Bush Fires in Canberra flare again. Airport closed
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Thanks for thinking of us. The fires are still going but not being reported as much. There is enormous loss of native species, the latest report is on the superb lyrebird.
The superb lyrebird, famous for its ability to mimic almost any sound, may have plunged from being a common to a threatened species after its three varieties lost between a third and more than half of their known habitat.
So many native species of all types are losing their habitat. It is absolutely devastating.
Rain was forecast in our area of SW Sydney tonight but it didn't happen.

This made my lungs hurt just remember our fires of 2 years ago. I hope the fires end soon. Our news has stopped reporting much except the airplane crash this week. I just hope enough rain will fall to put them out but not so much as to cause mudslides.


And still we quibble about laying newer bigger better oil pipelines


That is so tragic!

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