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Thank you. She knows she is and will pose for pictures. @BooksAndPuzzles


She's a beauty!

You are welcome Boks and Puzzles. She is the first tuxedo we have had.


:-)) Yes, they are, @Bikerkath -- I've been lucky to love six of these wonderful cats in my life (so far). :-))


Thank you both for sharing these great cat stories!!! :-))

What a great story!! Ella is the 5th cat we have had but she prefers my husband will hunt him down to give him kisses.

Our male Mosby he is my cat and is very dog like. He will wait at the door for me, drools, talks all of the time and will let you pet him anywhere for as long as you want and then sometimes longer as he wants more. @Bikerkath

If Boot's is your pic then they are very similar. I do not have any history on Ella as she was dropped as a kitten at our condo and we brought her home. @Bikerkath

I forgot to rotate the picture when I posted the puzzle. She is all of those names and lots of other endearments as well.


How did You Take Her picture and then turn it sideways? Just curious. Ella, You are a lovely girl kitty. Or are You a baby? I call all of Our dogs
and cats Babies. They love it too.


Yes, she is and has my husband wrapped around her little paw! You solved the other one. I will try to post more.


Who is surprised @janit ??? Everybody knows Ella is the boss. TFS. Any more picture of that pretty lady????😎

You're welcome and thank you! Ella thinks any box that comes into the house is for her.


One of My kitties likes to sleep in empty boxes, Trash bags from the grocery store and also lays on the mail. I tell Joy that She is keeping the mail warm....
ELLA is a beautiful baby!! Thank You for sharing Her photo on Jigidi.

Thank you. Yes, she still is and is always into unusual places. I will look for one and post. Jane


Fun photo! Ella is gorgeous. Still in your family? Any recent photos?


Beautiful cat.
I don't remember seeing a cat in a trash can before, but it is like a plastic "box", so I'm not too surprised.

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