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A surprise find

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So on this dirt track in the middle of paddocks suddenly this was spied! Very surprising especially as we have zero crocodiles and alligators in New Zealand. 🥺 May 2022
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Yes guess that’s one way of looking at it lol Thanks Marina


Well, you have at least one alligator.. Don't step on him!


😄😄cheers Brian


It’s certainly a great escape for you Lady Jillian thanks snappy tinker.......B


It is fun daasha, thank you

Exactly Jaklien 😊


Oh my gosh!

Wittily. ♥♥♥


Beth, I missed you. Yes it is :)

Janet wow so over in Oz it would have got my heart racing. Glad you enjoyed it thanks ❤️🤗

That’s not a good thing Tea! Eeek Thank you :)

Val it is clever, thanks 💕🤗


Wow that is cleverly done thank you Jill ☺♥


Wow, it sure looked real ! (Alligators are beginning to move north and a few have been found in TN . . a good enough reason to move to the desert.) Thank you for the puzzle :)


Yes that would give us a fright, but then now around here where we live. Thanks for a smile! Hugs. ♥♥


Exactly Ed 😄

Treker perhaps that’s why it kept so still 😏Cheers

Ha ha Voronica yes perhaps we made an important discovery 😄hugs

Donna no snacks - we used to sing about “never smile at a crocodile” ❣️


I hope you broughts snacks for it?🐊
(I admit I shuddered when I first saw this.)


Jillian, apparently that is no longer the case! Glad you saw it before it saw you . . . Hugs*


By jove,'s lost it's hands and feet!!


Ai yi yi ---


It was a pretty clever piece Jigsawfanatic Thanks for popping in

No problem with the heart rate Jerry but was a little bizarre on a nature trail. Cheers

Now that would be an amazing discovery Dobra 😄

Eva we just gave it a Pat and moved on lol ❣️

That would have been for sure Jacki if we were in another country 😲

Yes Rebekka whoever created it did a good job 😁


Very clever.


Jillian, you had a lot of us fooled! It must cause a bit of consternation wherever it is :-)


Eeeeeeeeek- - -


Jill, this was not a good surprise 🙀 Did you report it or just left? ❤️


Ugh! At first I thought it was real!


@JillianB Surprise, indeed! How long did it take for your heart to resume its normal rate?


Wow. How can none turn into one? Maybe a neighbor had it as a pet, or maybe this critter swam over from somewhere else.

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