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Jimmy thoughtful

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  1. 12thsecond3:56
  2. babray4:47
  3. Carol664:51
  4. gemstone5:01
  5. Snoefsnuif5:11
  6. Lynetteoz5:18
  7. DeDonder5:52
  8. anan5:52
  9. Impie5:56
  10. tisketsmum5:57


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Hope you feel much better very soon Maegi. Love Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Hi Jimmy Bro. Haven't seen you for a while and although my mum has you as "followed" for some reason we don't receive the notifications. She should pay better attention...LOL
Have a nice weekend and tell your mum we hope she will feel better soon...♡♡


Lovely to see you again Jimmy - you look as beautiful as ever. All the best for mum's health :-)


Thanks for coming to visit us Jimmy and the best to your Mum!


Hi Jimmy good to see you.
I can see you are a studious thoughtful kitty boy.
Time to give your mum a cuddle I think.


A lovely snap of you, Jimmy. Hope you are feeling better each day, Maegi, and will be back to normal really quickly. :)


Thank you all for the friendly comments and the regards (sorry, Mum isn't very well, but we hope it will be better soon).


You look lovwely Jimmy...handsome as always!
Best regards to your Mum!


What a handsome boy!!


Hi Jimmy, My, you are looking mighty dapper today, but then you always look extremely handsome. All the hearts of the girl cats on Jigidi will be going pitter patter and they will be swooning over your good looks. What a lucky boy you are. ♥♥♥

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