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Fancy pink Gerbera...

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...just the one flower in my neighbour - Toyomi's garden.
I think it might be a triple very similar to one Janet posted recently - just a different colour.

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Ami:)))


Absolutely fantastic looking blossom and photo Robyn!!!


That makes two of us Nicky - LOL!! Thanks!!


Amazing - never seen one like this before.


Thanks Maureen, snooker, Dave, Gracie and Suzy! This triple gerbera sure is an eye-catcher:))


They are so fancy-and flamboyant!


Fantastic!! never seen this beauty before!! thanks Rob


What a knockout, Robyn!! Its so amazing what flowersa and plants are out there these days. Fantastic!

Have never seen a flower like that and it is gorgeous.


Very fancy,I agree!
Stunning colour,I love the flower.


My pleasure Shirley - yes, a whole lot of the state could do with a big drink!!

Thanks Francamia:)))


Stunning Robyn.................


I can't remember the last time I mowed, like Janet, just dust, got to save water for the animals, Thank you Rob for posting this beauty, at least I have this to brighten my day.


Thanks Laura - it was a shame there was only the one though!!

I thought it looked similar Janet - I've never seen it flower before and it was tucked away amongst other plants!! We don't have much to mow here - I've given up trying to water the lawn - excess water rates are pretty steep:((( I just keep a few favourite plants going!! Thanks!!


Yes Rob that must be the same type as my big orange one. I love the colour of this one. It's fabulous.
We haven't mowed here for about 18 months - nothing to mow, just dust, and not allowed to sprinkle our lawns. Thanks and hugs, janet


Wow! That's early Dave!!! Our mower has had a quiet winter - and unless we get some rain soon, will have a quiet spring:))) Thanks!!


What an amazing and beautiful flowers, Robyn. Good thing you went to get your camera.


Robyn, we had snow three weeks ago and though it didn't stay, we know it's time to put away the Lawn mower and tune up the snow blower.Thanks for the response.


It sure is Beekay - thanks :)))


As soon as I spotted it I came home for the camera Barb:))) I'm house/garden minding while she's away again with family, so had a good wander around her yard!! Thanks!!

Thanks Dave! It sure is Spring here and there are lots of flowers blooming. We have a sub-tropical climate, so our winters are mild - no frosts - and this week we're having a warm few days!! Today is predicted to reach 33C - 91F - and the rest of the week in the mid-20'sC - mid-70's F!! I haven't lived in a cold climate for over 40 years:))) so it's just a BIT warmer than your climate:))))


Wow! And perfectly formed too. Love it Robyn:-))


Beautiful closeup Robyn. I thought it was spring there,but you must be in a lot milder area to have flowers like this already. in Edmonton Ca. we can't even put out annuals until the end of May. Must be nice the warmer climate. TFS.


Oh my....this is a beauty and the color is great too! Thank you Rob for sharing Toyomi's blooms with us :)))

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