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Orchis italica- Naked Man Orchid 1

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I had a few photos of these unusual orchids to post at some point, so when I saw jimvold had posted a different one + queries were made as to it's name I said I'd post mine! Check out his post -
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Hee-Hee-Hee! ; )


Oh My! (sniggering). Can't stop laughing! ROFL!
(at the ditty, too)


ROFL! It certainly suits the name. They are native throughout the Mediterranean, where they can be found by the hundreds, covering hillsides + fields. Of course, you know where the name 'Orchid' derives, from the greek 'Orchis'... Maybe seeing these little fellas, dancing about in the breeze was the inspiration for the greek myth. Lol.
Thanks + you are most welcome jimvold, I enjoy your posts + visit them regularly. you made me think of my gran - I can just hear her saying, "The Lord moves in mysterious ways..." She would've loved having a giggle over these! ; )


Nekked men with tails! Who could ask for more? It sure must help with their balance....


Thanks for your help in displaying these orchids. I know when I first these orchids it reminded me of the creators wonderful since of humor. have a great evening and thanks again Amazonia.


LOL. Every time I look at this one in particular, I can't help think they look like they're wearing nun's cornettes, which makes me smile all the more, as it's so contradictory to the whole 'Naked Man' thing! no pun intended! LMAO! ; )


LMAO! Added the link for jimvold's post.
I've got this old song from 1965 playing on a loop, in my head -
"I'm Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um,
With my extra leg, deedle eedle eedle um.
Wherever I go through rain and snow,
The people always let me know:
There's Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um,
With his extra leg, deedle eedle eedle um.
The day that I was born, oh boy, my father nearly died.
He couldn't get my nappies on, no matter how he tried,
'Cause I was born with an extra leg, and since that day begun,
I had to learn to stand on my own three feet,
Believe me that's no fun." ; )


(giggle) This could almost be x-rated. Those are ''well hung'' flowers!

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