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Egyptian geese Family

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Around the corner of my street there still lives this Egyptian Geese Family. I hadn't seen them for a while but they are still complete and the goslings have grown. Much to my horror I saw that one baby goose has "Angel Wings"....I read some info and I feel really sorry for the poor thing. It has to do with 'wrong' food. People mean well and feed them but when they as a gosling get too much proteine, the wings will grow too fast and can grow in the wrong direction. In a very early stage a bird doctor could 'repair' it by 'winding up' the wings along the body sothat they'll grow the right way. But for this poor baby it's too late. He or she will never be able to fly which makes it impossible to live a "natural" life and can only flee for predators by running.
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Arm gansje!!! 'k Moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik er nooit van gehoord had en het gelukkig ook nooit gezien heb. Nu leven de meeste watervogels die ik ken gewoon 'in de natuur' en worden niet gevoerd. Wij hebben ook heel veel nijlganzen in het centrum, maar ik weet eerlijk gezegd ook niet of die dieren vaak gevoerd worden. 't Is in ieder geval niet zo dat ze naar de kant komen als ik langs loop (in afwachting van voer), dus misschien worden ze niet zo heel vaak gevoerd dan?? 'k Hoop het maar, want dit is wel heel erg zielig :((


Yes, I guess both, Anne! :)


Ah, Impie, posing fowl....or looking for snacks? Probably both.


Yes, Anne, I hadn't seen them for weeks as I usually don't pass this part of the street when I go for my shoppings and the few times I did pass there, I hadn't seen them. But yesterday I did and as soon as they see someone standing still they'll come running so I could take a few pictures of them really close by!

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the gosling, Faye. Many Egyptian geese winter over in The Hague, but when they can fly and it's "time" the parents "tell" their kids to 'move out'. They'll stay behind just the two of them for a next future nest. As long as the 'Angel Wing' is accepted and eats well the 'Dierenambulance' doesn't intervere! They'll get lots of calls for this problem as it often happens it seems... :((

Yes, Ella, I was happy to see them still there. Perhaps when people see it will go wrong and call 'Dierenambulance' they will try and catch it and bring it over to a special bird rescue (called de Wulp) we have in The Hague, but the wings can't be cured, that's too late now!

Yeah, Betty, people mean well and love to feed them because they are so cute. But not actually 'helping' them by giving the wrong things. I can't remember seeing them with babies in this grass field ever before, so no-one can be hold responsible for not putting up a sign with feeding suggestions, I guess.

Poor thing indeed, lurdo, but at least (s)he doesn't seem in any pain whatsoever!
Two squirrels in your garden, how wonderful! I wouldn't mind having them visiting my garden, but that's never gonna happen! I hope they'll often come pay you a visit!

Yes, Marilyn, I really feel for the poor thing but (s)he doesn't know better I think. The parents and siblings don't seem to reject him/her(so far).


That is awful and so sad.

Poor baby, hope he doesn´t suffer too much. Guess what we have two visitors, two squirrels they came looking for food, now they know that always will have a plate plenty of food.

Bless its heart, humans mean well but sometimes we do dumb things. It would be wonderful to see a sign with feeding suggestions, maybe.


So glad they all survived. Hopefully, an animal rescue will be able to help.


Poor thing...perhaps an animal rescue group could catch it and place in a safe home...assuming the rest of the family does not winter over in The Hague.


Aw...they look like a busy family. So wonderful to see this grouping.

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