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New way :-)

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  1. perleblanche0:20
  2. JillianB0:21
  3. ullauhrskov0:22
  4. Warehouse0:22
  5. Zos10:24
  6. alias2v0:26
  7. Sissel0:27
  8. Ianto0:28
  9. Larrydog0:28
  10. kayboblee0:29


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Yes sir, it truly was a special moment--an intimate moment with a bit of wild nature. I feel sad for these lovely deer whose habitat is just being gobbled up in our town as every vacant lot and useable ground gets altered. Lucky for the deer, there are still ravines and forested land that is not buildable, but it must be hard for them to survive with all the fences and vehicles. I say a tiny prayer each time I see one because they face many hazards trying to live in what was once their place to reside and flourish. Yes, very cool. ;-)) @alias2v

@kayboblee :)
Wow - a deer in your garden - how cool!


@alias2v Thank you for the kind offer. One of these days I will likely take you up on the offer. With my husband in the hospital--just in the process of getting transferred to rehabilitation facility-- and with more projects now left for me to do, I have my hands full. But, two days ago, I so wanted to get a photo of a deer in my front yard. Found a young buck was less than 30 feet from me when I looked over and spotted him. He could not resist the dandelion heads that had grown up before I could find a gardener to do our yard with hubby in hospital. Once he saw me stop to look at him, he moved around behind a couple of trees. I could see him peeking through the trees at me, so I left him in peace. When I came back, he had eaten the dandelion heads and left their stems. Sadly for him, the next day the gardener mowed any further feast away. He would have made a fabulous photo being so close.
I have not forgotten about the carved wooden mushrooms from a neighbor's tree stump for you. One of these days when things calm down.... Again, thank you kindly for the offer to help. I have tried before and it was quite confusing, so help is essential. Will keep your offer in mind. ;-))

I think this man is a professional. He moves not only one and one document, but the entire file in one shot.

If you wish to publish a nice photo as a puzzle, we are here to help you.


Thank you so much Kay, PW, Juba, Vips and JJAMS for coming by and having fun :-))))





He needs a trebuchet.


They will probably land in the wrong cloud. Then he will NEVER find them. :-)))


That guy has about the same amount of understanding of computer technology and lingo as I have. It is one of the reasons I don't post puzzles. Glad you, Sissel, do such a fantastic job of uploading fabulously funny and flowery puzzles. Thanks much. ;-))

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