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Red squirrel on critter feeder

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This is the one feeder without a squirrel baffle. You can usually see at least one squirrel, sometimes two, perched on it during the day. We call these critters "Seedies" because even when we distribute peanuts they show no interest. At night the raccoons and the porcupine enjoy whatever is left in the feeder.
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You're probably right, Mila, It happens when I push the button - the camera moves. My hand is not as steady. I want a tripod but then I'd probably see nothing exciting while the camera was on the tripod since I'm not taking pictures of standing still models. Sigh!!! LOL


Hmm, is a man thing, same happens here!


Thanks, Mila and Suzy. Roy's the good photographer. I'll let him know. My pictures tend to come out blurry. ?:(


Sure did miss seeing this one! Great photo!


The reds are so beautiful! Excellent photo!


The temperature you mentioned is about the lowest we get where I live, but not this winter. It's good to know you have people who can repair things quickly even during this season.


Hi Advia, It's nice it's getting warmer there. We still have a few weeks before we'll see temps even close to that. This was a cold winter with a few nights in the low single digits F. Our pipes froze three times but the builder was very responsive and we're hoping the problem is solved. At least none of them burst and that's a good thing.

I heard that the red squirrels were endangered in Europe. We have plenty here and only one gray squirrel. However, the grays are so much larger they can easily intimidate the smaller grays. I think your reds look a little different from ours. The pictures I've seen show tufted ears which make their ears look a bit bigger.

Thanks for meeting and enjoying my critter.


Hi Joanne, hopefully you are enjoying the winter. We have 15°C spring weather forecast for 2 week, imagine how my black currants after this need beeing pampered until May in case of night frost. Your squirrel is a little bit different from our red squirrels which are endangered now because of the black.


I'm glad you are enjoying pictures of my critters, GojuRyu.

I just looked at your profile. I actually visited the Lake District of England with my brother and his British wife. We climbed a couple of the mountains there. They were both professors at University of Birmingham and live in Kidderminster.

I like to make people laugh and I think you'll enjoy this story. I have a very hard time understanding even the least bit of an accent. After our climb one day we went to a pub. I asked the waiter what kind of soup they had. He told me broccoli and amond soup (almond soup). Well, I didn’t get it at all and asked what is “amond”. He repeated this a couple of times with me still not understanding. Finally, the frustrated waiter goes “nuts, lady, nuts”. My husband, my brother and his wife were all sitting there enjoying this back and forth between me and the waiter. They all knew what was going on but were having too much fun watching the interaction to help me out.


Thanks for your comment. I really love these guys - smart and cute.

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