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Cat shaming series

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LOL Seems cats fart more than I expected. :)


Another candidate for the feline remake of Blazing Saddles (think campfire scene).

Good for them. :)


Only ever saw a very elderly kitty fart, and his humans loved him so much they just sprayed the air freshener and never said a word.

Must be the food then that makes them do it. :)


Well its one way to get your own space I guess, none of our cats over the years seemed to do this either only Bella once, she does not eat that food now☺☺


Not usual for a cat is it? Dogs for sure!


To my knowledge, mine don't. ツ No regrets? Did you just want some "me" time and were too lazy to leave the room youself? Lol.


Go Kitty! Be loud and proud!!

Can't remember the last time one of our cats farted. Didn't happen often. :)


My cats don't do this often, but when they do, it sure does stink! --- Carol

My cats rarely farted, I guess I was feeding them the right's the fact that no one's taught him manners that's funny...comparing him to humans...Sherry :)))


Fish? Liver? ;)

Broccoli? :)


Humans might feel guilty - what are they feeing you? Don't feel bad, that's what windows and air fresheners are for.

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