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African Goose

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Either an African or Chinese goose. It has a mouth full of wheat bread I gave it in a Conservation area near Hanover Ontario Canada. Its eye balling me for more bread. I've read only the female has that lump. Don't know if that's true or not so I called it an it.
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Plumppossum, I saw this one at a Conservation area in Hanover Ontario a few yeas ago. never saw one before.


It is not true that only the females have that bump; I once had several ganders of this variety (African), and they all had the bump.


Janet, he really is the ugly duckling ( Goose). hugs back dear friend, Jim


Rob I tried to find out why its there but couldn't find a thing. Maybe he will eventually turn into a unicorn.


Yes it certainly is not a pretty bird, Jim, but most unusual. Thanks for showing us, hugs dear friend, Janet.


That's a really strange bump Jim:))


Dear Ginger , sorry your in the hospital , hoping you have a speedy recovery , See you when you get out. Hugs Jim.


Jo ,It was a bold goose , it knew I had some bread as I was giving some to the Canadian geese in the park, I hand fed it. Yes , jigidi is a learning experience. Love and hugs , Jim.


Eva , when I first saw this goose I thought something was wrong with it , but guess this is normal. I don't know why they have that bump. Jim

Great shot Jim. Am still at the hospital and spotted this one on my kindle. See you when I get out. Hugs. Ginger


Jim, I have not seen this one before, very strange looking, but interesting what we learn on Jigidi .
Will look up the links later.
Love and hugs Jo :-))

Zajímavé, vidím něco takového poprvé. Snad to husu nebolí.

Interestingly, I see something for the first time. Perhaps it does not hurt goose.


Thanks smllpkg, it's a strange looking goose.


A very nice close-up!

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