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Kit Cat was trying to wash his furs when interrupted

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  1. babray3:10
  2. webpeggy4:07
  3. CrazyCAT544:09
  4. racoonstar4:11
  5. calluna4:20
  6. advia4:22
  7. Rackles4:34
  8. demile5:04
  9. beauzarian_5:27
  10. reflections5:49


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He really is the perfect cat for your mom.


Another reason he is the perfect cat for mom; he doesn’t seem to shed! At my house, I have cat hair everywhere and constantly need to clean it off furniture. And Pal loves being brushed a lot. At mom’s house there is no hair. When I pet Kit Cat no fur flies. No hairballs. It is as if he knows mom wouldn’t allow him in the house otherwise!


So what about hairballs?
I'm glad to learn he's still keeping your mom good company.


beyondwords , would you believe he takes care of all that fur by himself? He doesn’t like to be brushed. He is a wonderful boy, keeps my mom company and entertains her!


Gorgeous cat. I bet Kit Kat gets lots of brushing by humans, so he just needs to do the washing.


So handsome!! You were ready for a break anyway, right? ;-)) Thanks for letting your humans catch this moment for your fans!

My kids completely agree, Peggy!


Babray, Kit Cat says he loves his humans, but they just always want his attention and he has a lot of work to do!


Thank you, racoonstar!

Ah Kit Cat, what did you hear, handsome boy???


Beautiful cat. TFS. :)

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