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I've come to say hello....

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He's resting his chin on the top of the fence and, luckily, doesn't seem to like penstemons....
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  1. startright833:38
  2. darcy103:59
  3. lilac664:07
  4. SoniaR4:11
  5. slafave2164:14
  6. tisketsmum4:24
  7. pmazu4:38
  8. liz554:47
  9. hugs5:02
  10. Kfgreenberg5:02


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I think so too, Slafave! The field is used for summer grazing so I'm expecting to see him and his friends back soon...


What a handsome young man...


I think it has something to do with their livestock passport and being able to track and trace any animal. Not sure when it started but think the outbreak of CJD (sometimes irritatingly known as Mad Cow Disease) may have had something to do with it. The earrings and nose ring doesn't seem to bother him, and how many guys and girls have you seen with body piercings? :-))))


Kayell, it's the same here. (all thanks to the EU:( ) I always feel sorry for the young born animals... no matter a cow, goat or pig...they'll all get those hideous things in their ears and I hate the idea that as soon as they're born they are confronted with 'pain' ...I just cannot believe they don't feel anything when it's done.
I had my ears pierced when I was nineteen, the right one was ok but the left one did hurt like crazy!☺ (on top of that it also got inflamed l!)


Yes - the earrings are definitely not a good look, Impie - even the smallest calves have them though. I think it's something to do with the EU - or that's what gets the blame here for anything people don't like (you may have noticed...!).

I think he's quite friendly - just curious and likes to know what's going on on the other side of the fence.


Well hello look like a gentle soul and you are beautiful with your long eyelashes, I hate what they did to your ears though with those 'earrings' and also that nose piercing.....


I'm hoping so too, startright...


Hopefully, a very stout fence.

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