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It's Blackberry Season!

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There are few things in this world as satisfying as a Himalayan blackberry. Some people hate the thorns on the vines, but I think it's a metaphor for life. If you can deal with the thorns, the unbelievably sweet berry is your reward.
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  1. yanine15:27
  2. jcbralph118:00
  3. mackabroin29:05
  4. janaoli30:32
  5. Guv31:23
  6. Hattieg32:53
  7. rjskyliners34:53
  8. jigidy1:09:00
  9. KATZMEOW1:09:24


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Thanks, Robin. I absolutely love blackberries! When they fall off the vine with just the suggestion of a touch, they're perfectly ripe. Too good for freezing or sauces at that point, pop them in the mouth and they'll just melt. There are few things in this world so perfect! These wild berries found their way onto our property (thanks, birds) and now we can enjoy them knowing they're 100% organic. Yum!


great picture elvis.( my son-in-law is also elvis).....I love blackberries and always freeze lots of them when they are in season.......blackberry pie is my fav....thanks for posting...robin


No worries, jyl!


Sorry, I must have misremembered who I was talking to about them a month or so ago.
Please accept my apology and forget about it.


Hi, jyl! My answer to your question is: Whaaahuh? I'm not quite sure to what you're referring. Adult coloring book?

I'd love to give you a real answer, but need a little more to understand the question. Sorry about that...


How are you or are you doing with the adult coloring book? Just interested, just asking.

Blackberry Crumble


looks yummy but please excuse me for gracefully skipping this one xxxx and what you said is so true xxxx

Blackberry cobbler.

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