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Lila Reading The Sign

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Not my cat - Lila is a Nebraskan's rescue cat that loves playing in the water in the bowl. This resulted in constant cleaning and guests who did not appreciate the wet seat. So...Lila's human mother posted a sign. Lila is said to not be amused. See other puzzles titled "The Sign for Lila" and "Striking Photo of Lila." This photo was taken before "The Sign for Lila." (66 pieces also.)


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AMomentInTime - Thank you for your response to my comments. I really enjoy what you shared about the animals in your life. They know where it's safe to visit. Some stay awhile. Each one teaches us something and leaves memories. Bless you.

Lol. Looks just like my Oscar. Long and lanky and always in trouble


@oldnanalarissa I do not know or have contact with Lila's family. This was posted on the welovecatsandkittens site (and elsewhere on social media I believe). The family may have given Lila an alternative water tub. I have had stray cats attracted by our water fountains and small barn in the past, but only because they were dehydrated, hungry, and abandoned. Of course, we rehomed or kept these throwaways. Our wild animals, including raccoons, opposums, and grey foxes always appreciate a tub, especially in the heat of the summer. Thank you for your suggestions. I think any animal attracted by shallow water should be given a chance to see if they want to play or cool down in it. One of my abused dogs loved to lay down in a kiddie pool in the sun. I think it also helped with her many injuries.


How about some water in the bathtub? Some cats really like water. I had a long hair cat that really enjoyed her bath. The hair drier was also a very pleasant experience. It would be nice for Lila to have a bin of water somewhere in the house. Supervision would be needed to dry her. Imagine the joy if she could have a kitty pool outside in the summer. Some cats love to swim. I know, it's all easy for me to say. Spare time is the issue.