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Hoopoe Bird

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The hoopoe has a long, pointy crest with black markings. When the hoopoe is excited, the crest rises and spreads out like an elaborate headdress.

The black-and-white barred pattern of the back, wings, and tail look as if he is wearing a robe. His fawn-colored chest, neck, and face perk up tall and proud while his long, pointed beak gives him the appearance of wisdom.
Latin name: Upupa epops
Unique beautiful feature: Elegant crown of feathers
Where they are found: Africa, Europe, Asia
Size: Length: 10 to 11 inches (26 to 28 cm); Weight: 1.66 to 3.06 ounces (47 to 87 g); Wingspan: 16.5 to 18 inches (42 to 46 cm)
Diet: Insects, seeds, berries, frogs, small reptiles

Not only is it the national bird of Israel, but even the ancient Egyptians regarded it as sacred by illustrating it on temples and tombs.

During the breeding season, hoopoes are monogamous and highly territorial. Males stay active during this period between serenading the female and beak-dueling with other males.

The female, who looks similar to the male but with duller colors, bears the sole responsibility of incubating her clutch of five to nine eggs.
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"Latin name: Upupa epops"... tsk...


Hi Sharon- Wonderful world we live in, huh!


Wow, this bird stands out with class! Thanks Jean


l_bethoney, Thank you for your supportive comment-


I have seen them in Kenya........on several of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.......something about it!...........Thanks for the puzzle


That's a name one won't forget, nor the way it's feathered!


Oh yes, it was! I enjoyed the moment :o)


So would l. Donna- We don't have a good zoo around, but would not want to see it there either-


So beautiful. I sure would love to see one in person. :-)) dj


Well, Petra, it is the national bird of Israel!
It must have been quite a sight seeing it up close for the first time-


Saw one in Israel once, only 5 meters from me :O)


Yes. We have a couple in our back yard!


Isn't it? Yet our domestic woodpeckers are elegant as well, don't you think?


Such an elegant looking bird*!*


Thank you, glensue


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