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Freya - A very comfortable lap cat!

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Sorry I've not been around lately - my computer broke at Christmas!! I've replaced it but lost all of my recent photos so updates will be sporadic while I get to snapping pictures of the kitties!
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Glad to see Freya. Hugs from Creampuff.


I feel your pain, robryan!! ☺☻☺


That's a gorgeous photo of Freya catslave:))))
I've got a new computer too - and it's the little things that drive me nuts:)))))
Happy New Year to you and the furry ones:))))


Do they ever!!


....and new computers take time to adjust to.


I think so too russ7455! ☺

But of course, she is a cat mrgoodboy!! ☺☻☺

Thank you so much Ivar2012! I wish you well for the New Year too!!


Freya je krasavice, ostatní také. Vašim kočičím miláčkům a také vám přeji hodně štěstí a zdraví v novém roce.
Freya's beauty, the other also. Your feline darlings, and I wish you good luck and health in the new year.

Beautiful girl . Deserves treats .

Precious kitty. Bonnie


To you too, Kayell!


Good to see you, catslave. Glad it was only the computer that was broken...

A belated Happy New Year to you and your furry fiends. Hope 2016 will bring you better health.

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