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3rd Anniversary Collage - March 12th 2015

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Just a smattering of some of the photos I've posted in 3 wonderful years on Jigidi:)) Thanks to all the Jigidi friends I've got to know over this time - you are a wonderful, crazy, funny, compassionate, artistic, friendly....and sometimes strange!!...bunch of people!!!
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We sure are Lunie:))) Thanks :)))

My pleasure Florrie - and we sure are an eclectic bunch - but oh! so friendly:)))) Thanks :)))

Thanks so much Gracie - and for all your beautiful Island escapes too:))))


Congratulations Rob! and thanks for all your beautiful and colorful postings!


Rob, we are already aging in! Happy Anniversary my friend!


Thanks Shirley - it's been lovely getting to know you and the other Queenslanders - and Aussies - here on Jigidi:))) People go on about Twitter and Facebook - but I give them all a miss - this site is so muck better:))))


Congratulations, Rob, on your 3rd Anniversary, I remember when I first started solving your puzzles, with all those weird and wonderful bugs, Thank you for every one of them, and your friendly comments, they sure add up over the years, Thank you, Rob.


Thanks Dave - I had fun choosing the pics:))) and the feeling's mutual:)))) This sure is a wonderful way to make friends!!

Thanks Marry - and thanks for being a good Jigidi friend too:)))

Thanks Nicki - I hope you're feeling better these days:)))


Congratulations - sorry I missed this beautiful collage (have been off line for a few days).


Congratulations, Rob! And what a gorgeous way to celebrate! Thank you for the wonderful images and for being a friend :-))))


What a collage-its the best one I've ever seen!! I'm honored to have gotten to know you Robyn! It was really cool to have seen you develop into your own photos. After solving this puzzle, I kept trying to click on the images to do 'em again!!


Thanks Beekay - it's been a pleasure - and your friendship is a lovely bonus:)))

LOL!! I remember those comments well Lyndee :)))) and whenever I post a bug photo I love to see how you react to them:))) LOL!!! You never offend me - and Thanks for being so honest!!!


Thanks Robyn for all the wonderful puzzles. When I first started solving your puzzles, you were putting those ugly bugs on!!!! LOL Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!!


I recognize many of the photos in your collage :-))) You are always teaching me something new too!! I'm looking forward to seeing another year of great puzzles and fun comments from you. You've become a great friend♥ Happy Anniversary Rob :-))))


Thanks so much Roxy - it's been my pleasure to post all these photos:)))) You certainly live a long way away - Lima, Peru!!!! Jigidi is amazing how it links so many people in so many countries:)))) Thanks :)))


Happy 3rd anniversary Rob, thank you for the pleasant moments. Greetings from Lima, Peru.--------------bing---------------------Feliz 3er aniversario Rob, muchas gracias por los gratos momentos. Saludos desde Lima-Perú. Roxy.


Thanks so much Sally - I've enjoyed the ride:))))


Thanks sooo much Nev, Morris, Laura, smllpkg, snooker, Ginger, Chrissie, Patti, Floyd, Cathy and Suzy - for being such friendly people:))) Jigidi has to be the best place in the world to meet, learn, laugh and commiserate with a bunch of terrific friends:))) I wouldn't have missed it for quids!!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart:)))))


Ditto what Suzy said... She took all the good words....LOL.... Your smatterling is wonderful... Congratulations and a Big thanks for all your excellent shots.... Thanks, Rob.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


WOW!!! Congratulations, Robyn!!! Your smattering of photos is a perfect collection of the beauty you have shared with us for 3 wonderful years. Thank you!!! You fit right in with wonderful, crazy, funny, compassionate, artistic, friendly...and sometimes strange!!! ♥


Thank you Rob, for this fantastic collage
... and for all your wonderful pictures and comments over these 3 years.
I'm very glad we met and became jigidi friends.
Happy Anniversary !!!! ☺ ♥


I have enjoyed all your pictures and puzzles.
CONGRATS on you TEN*********.


What a fabulous collection, Robyn! Thank you!!!!!!!!


And thanks go to you too, Rob for enriching our lives with your photographic art!

Happy 3rd anniversary! Good onya, mate :-)


Bingo! A 10 star one Robryan. Congrats! and you have given all of us much pleasure with all the posts you have done my friend , so thank you very much too. Keep them coming please♥!♥

Have enjoyed them all (except maybe the bugs). :) Thanks Rob.


This is a wonderful collage of your 1400 or so puzzles. (Thank you ulangariver, for the math!) It showcases the colorful array of birds and flowers that you share with us. Thank you so much for all the beauty and keep 'em coming!


Happy Anniversary, Robyn! You are a blessing.


Back at ya, Rob!!
You are much loved on the jig!!!


Lovely collage, thank you sooo much Rob.
You've done a lot of happy people in the last three years. I'm glad I met you ♥♥♥ hugs dear friend


LOL!!! What does Marge think Nev? I guess she's used to you after all these years:)))) We all march to the beat of our own drum - and that's what makes the world such an interesting place:)))) Thanks for being YOU Nev:)))


My pleasure Barb - and it sure is a lot of photos:)))) Thanks :)))

Thanks Janet - I really had to do a big cull:)))) And thanks - I really value your friendship too:)))

LOL!!! You're crazy Nev:)))) But please don't change:)))) I love your sense of humour:))) LOL!!! and you're right - I have an enormous bushel .... in my photo files:)))) Thanks :)))


WOW! 66 wonderful posts and that's probably just a tiny percentage. Congratulations Rob, and we won't fuss over a day or two. I haven't known you all that long time but I certainly value your friendship. Hugs to you.


Congrats Rob! Wow! Three years, that's a long, wonderful time and lots of photos :)))
Thank you for all of them, that I enjoyed :)))


AH!! I was looking around and thought it might be listed somewhere:))) Thanks for that:))) You're doing pretty darned good - I've slowed down - so you'll probably overtake me soon:)))

Thanks Larissa - I think quite a few were a bit dicey, but I've enjoyed the whole journey:)))


Impressive. Each one of them is really good. Thank you.


Thanks treker - I'll try:)))

Thanks cacarach - I appreciate your comment:))

No - I didn't Nev:))) Where do you go to find those stats? I just realised that I'm 2 days early too - woops!!!! Ah well - too late to take it back now!! Silly me:)))) Thanks :)))

Who cares about times DWH?? Sometimes puzzle pieces just won't fall into place:))) As long as you enjoy doing them - that's the main thing! Thanks:))))


Fastest time I've ever done on a puzzle and I'm STILL not on the leaderboard!


Fantastic idea and amazing result... Very nice


They're wonderful rob,...keep 'em comin'!

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