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Tyr, Freya & Ash - Did someone say treats??!!

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She certainly knows how to keep you on your toes! ☺☻☺


ehes4160, be warned, you may be opening Pandora's box with the Dreamies!! Let me know if Teacup loves them too! ☺☻☺


Thanks, Pammi, for answering my questions on another puzzle.


No one is shy when the treats bag is rustled! Just now all 3 love Dreamies, turkey flavour!


Pammi, I hope it goes well for him on Thursday! ♥


Hi catslave. Thought I'd let you know that Eric has his knee replacement op. on Thursday. Was supposed to be Friday but for some reason it has now been brought forward a day. Needless to say, he just wants it over and done with ASAP. ♥♥


your kitties know the t-r-e-a-t-s word too? LOL
you are so lucky to have so many good little friends!!


Pammi, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

1. What is your husband's diagnosis?

2. Can you tell me how a steroid injection into the facet joint is supposed to help knee pain? It sounds very unusual. I couldn't find anything online about this.

3. Is there a reason he's not having a corticosteroid injection directly into his knee?

While I'm not an expert on knee pain, I am an "expert" in chronic pain. I've had countless facet joint injections, lumbar injections and epidural injections. You name it, I've had it done, including multiple spinal surgeries. Not one of these things helped. I've learned throughout the last eleven years to question everything doctors tell me, to do my own extensive online research, and to be my own fiercest advocate. While I'm not trying to second-guess your doctors, it just sounds a bit odd, and I'm guessing I don't know all the circumstances of your husband's pain. I wish him well.


catslave and Gail, thanks for your kind words. Well, still moving along at snail's pace, it has now been decided that, instead of the myelogram, Eric will have a steroid injection into the facet joint next Monday and see the surgeon again a few day later on the Thursday. He is obviously wanting to see if the injection lessens the knee pain or if it remains the same which will of course determine whether a knee replacement is on the cards or not. Meanwhile, the poor love is limping around as best he can. Watch this space!!!! ☺☺


They do kn ow how to get the better of us. The look that gets them what they want.
Love the fact that Tyr lets you get a good picture.


Thanks for the link. It took me a while to figure out it's Amazon UK and doesn't ship to the U.S. I went on the U.S. Amazon and found a bunch of SmartyKat items for sale. I'll have to look them over and choose one of the tunnels. Sounds like a lot of fun.


Tyr je jako moji dva kocouři ze zahrady, dlouzí a štíhlí.
Tyr is like my two cats from the garden, long and thin.


canoekaw - you nailed them! ☺ Though Freya will move from polite to stroppy if I don't get a move on!

Octomom, it is fabric, both outside and the liner. On Amazon UK it's here: and is called an Ancol Combat Play Tunnel.

Impie, these were obviously 'stealth' puzzles... ☺☻☺


Oh sweeties....why on earth did I miss your lovely pictures?? Sorry!
It's great to see you all three together in one picture...♥♥♥

P.S. catslave...I don't don't what happened.. you're in my 'followed' list but I missed the notification.:((


I think I now know what it is. It looks like fabric in the photo, but I think it's actually made of plastic. Thanks.


Ash had that direct look that says, "Look, just give me the treats now!" Freya just looks like she is such a polite young lady and Tyr looks like he is wondering what is the trick to this.


Octomom, I bought it from Amazon on one of their Black Friday deals! It's crinkly and compresses down when you want it to.

Pammi, it took me 2 days for my knees to recover from all the pulling and bending and twisting he gave them. I hope poor Eric's knee recovers soon!


I'm sorry to hear about your husband, Pam, and hope things go well for him.


Hi catslave. Well, we saw the surgeon this afternoon and he did all the usual things like forcing Eric's poor knee into directions it was never designed to go. He wants to do more investigation into the pinched nerve in his lower back as he's not sure how badly that might be contributing to the knee pain. He wanted him to have an MRI but that is a no go as Eric has a pacemaker so then decided to order a Myelogram where they inject dye into the spine. When we got to the Radiographers, the doctor there said that he thought there was a better test to do so he was going to contact the surgeon and have a chat with him and said he would ring us tomorrow about what's going to happen. The upshot of all this is, of course, that we are not really any further advanced and my poor husband's knee is giving him hell at the moment. Oh, and by the way, the surgeon is really quite nice even if we did have to wait an hour past our appointment. Watch this space!!! Pam. ☺☺☺


Did you buy it online, and from what store?


Good morning, oh beautiful ones. I had to choose this picture for comment as, not surprisingly, it is the only one where we get to see Tyr's sweet little face. Not to say, Ash and Miss Freya, that your faces aren't still as gorgeousl as ever. It's lovely to see you all together even if it does take a bit of bribery to accomplish it. ♥☺♥


Thank you suredreamsalot!

She knows she'll get her share sure enough, Tisketsmum. Tyr, on the other hand, will barge everyone out of the way for treats!!

Thanks octomom - it was their Christmas present! Freya likes it a lot and thinks no-one sees her when she's in it...


Great shot, catslave. I love their hideaway thingy.


Freya looks so ladylike sitting patiently at the back there; guess she knows she'll get treats in a minute or two ♥ ♥ ♥


beautiful cats


I was tormenting them with the packet of treats while trying to take a picture at the same time - apologies for the blurriness!

They really do, Mrgoodboy!

Chin rubs on the way soo!

Thank you Kayell! Treats (or the threat of them) is the only way to get all 3 in the picture at once!


Oh, wow, catslave - what a brilliant picture of your three treasures!


Couldn't get any better ♥ Please give your 3 gorgeous kitites chin rubs from me ♥♥♥

They beg so cute .