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Darling Pinocchio

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Our little Red Breasted Nuthatch with Avian Keratin Disorder. His beak is too long. He's a little scruffy because of it. He can't preen himself. It's a bit scissored at the end, but he's doing fine. We feed him lots of little bits of peanuts & small seeds. He's extremely tame and hangs out with us. Follows me around the yard. We just love him!! This year is a "Nutty Year" with at least a dozen nuthatches on the property.
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  2. nlmotel3:02
  3. moyrita3:15
  4. AScott3:35
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What a beautiful person you are, nimotel!! Darling Pinocchio is Blessed and sent to you,Dear Lady. You have the heart and Soul that makes OUR LORD Smile. Your kindness and loving nature, gives me, as well, hope in these troubling safe .

I LOVE feeding Nuthatches from my hand!!


Ditto Sharimarie's comment. My comment is, "Now, THAT's a snow storm! I live in Maine and all we've had this year is a few inches here, an inch there, and ice everywhere. But today was 45 and sunny!


Thanks Patti! We adore him, and I can photograph him all day long.. on a branch, on my hand, on the deck, on the rail, in the willow... Crazy!


Awwww, so sweet! You AND Pinocchio! And what a terrific puzzle. Love the whole picture! Thanks, Mo!


I'm so happy you think he's delightful too! He really is the sweetest bird. He even sits on our windowsill, looking in at us, and the other day, he perched himself beside us on a fence for an hour, while we were outside hot tubbing. If we didn't have a cat, we'd bring him inside. lol


What a sweet story!! Pinocchio is delightful. It is great that you discovered his "disability" and feed him. Thanks for the fun puzzle.

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