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Noah's Ark

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Kangaroo Island. Bushfires that ravaged the 4,400-square-kilometre island have left wildlife experts concerned about the future of some of its threatened species.

About a third of the island has been charred.

The fire has devastated the Flinders Chase National Park, which is home to koalas, kangaroos, rare birds and marsupials.

Threatened Species Recovery Hub deputy director John Woinarski — who is also a professor at Charles Darwin University — said the fires across Australia had been a "holocaust of destruction" for wildlife.

"There's almost no considerable habitat remaining for many species. That leads to local extinction events," he said.
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This is just so sad. I feel so awful about what is happening to Australia and have been praying and like you said, the governments of most countries just do not listen. They did not listen about how to take care of California and it was the people and animals that suffered. I am so sorry for all. Mary


Thanks owl2, I saw Ms Maddy's postings as well!!


Thank you Lia X


Koalas will be non existent in Queensland within 5 years.

Thanks Lia :)
Ms_Maddy is posting as well. :)


They were warned indeed!
In every country there are high and mighty people that won't listen; don't want to know and don't feel the pain.
Your country has lost - and still is losing - so very much....

I do so hope that it will improve now....
I wish you and your country all the best!

Thanks for your comments Lia.
Our Indigenous Leaders have been warning about a crisis that was coming caused by the incorrect management of the land they know so well.
As has always been the way with invaders and conquerors in all countries, they think they know better than the indigenous people and of course profits always come first.
We have mismanaged our land fora long time now and hopefully after this tragic event the powers that be might begin to listen to and take notice of our Indigenous people who understand the land and know how to respect and care for it.


It is terrible for the people living there, these bushfires.
But even worse for nature and for all animals, be it insects, birds or animals like in these pictures.
And the fires keep roaring on.... can't be controlled .... and new fires flaming up, extreme heat even worsened by the weather that is made by the heat of the fires.
And when they stop, in april?? when will the next fires start to make an end to nature that wasn't burned this time? It is too terrible to think about, but it is reality.
Do all Australians help during these terrible times and take it seriously enough? Does government?

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