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Satiny Finish! (S)

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Thank you, Barb. I'm glad you liked them!

Ardy - Good Morning! Tomorrow starts the 100 degree plus days AGAIN. So, today's 90 will be nice. I am so happy this made you happy. :)))))))
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Welcome to Jigidi, Jan! There are lots of us on Jigidi. But, a friend told me that you always can tell that a "jan" is 50 or older. LOL Thanks!


Love the colors. Nice patchwork colors. BTW, I'm a Jan as well from Jersey!


Jill, I tried a couple of them and the top of my head blew off from all of the synapses catching fire. I love him too much to do that to him. LOL But, I always solve her puzzles. :)))


Cool that your hubby liked the socks problem, Jan. He should try Raini's logic puzzles that she puts in the pop-up message on her puzzles. They are very challenging!


Thank you so very much, Jill! BTW - I tried the socks puzzle on my husband....the astrophysicist and it took him a while and a few guessed. Loved it!

Ardy - last month our heating bill was $100 higher - just in a month! And, we don't use the A/C at night! YIKES. Today is 107 and John has to go to Portland. Poor guy!!!

Thanks, Gracie - it is always fun to see your graceful avatars! :))

Jacki - thank you! LOL at the satiny comment! :)

Kirsten - I do hope it isn't this bad. We are normally a very green state, not a brown one! :)) Thanks so much!!


Gorgeous! Thanks Jan! (•‿•)

And sorry about your weather. They are predicting a very bad summer for us too. (•︵•)


beautiful. and certainly satiny. thank you.


Just came to say hi Jan!


I missed your heat warning this morning., Jan. We are heading back to mid to high 90's with sun and humidity for the next several days but your weather is even worse. It's what we expect here but not normal for you. I'm sure your electric bills will be much higher this summer than last. At least I suppose you are using the a/c. Don't know how you would stand it otherwise.


Gorgeous one, Jan! Thanks :)


Thanks, Barb. Going up a size is always a compliment. I appreciate it.

Good morning, Ardy. I'm glad you had fun with this. Lots of pink, for sure! Thank YOU!


Good morning, Jan. A delightful puzzle. I love all the pinks. The kaleidos are great. I love the design on the same one in each section - second row from top and next to left edge. Thanks, Jan.


Beautiful textures and patterns, and so many lovely images. Thanks, Jan! :-)

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