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Lion & Bear playing WII Bowling

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Thanks for a neat puzzle.

How sweet!! When hubby and I met, we each already had a green frog...different frogs, but same green color... we together adopted another frog...named the trio "Peter, Paul, and Mary"....later I found a smaller frog wrapped in a blanket (like a baby) managed to make a maternity smock for the female frog that hid the baby until the 'birth'... so we now have Peter, Paul, Andi, Mary ! They have great adventures (in the stories we tell our friends). A few of our friends want us to write down our stories, but I think that would lose the magic of the tales.
I think it is wonderful to be free enough with your spouse to indulge in these little fun things. It makes me glad to hear you have such a great relationship also.
Tell Lion and Bear that Peter, Paul, Andi, Mary say "Hi"

My wife and I had to live in different states one year to allow our son to finish his senior year. She sent me bear for Valentines day. I bought Lion, posed them together and then sent both to her with the pictures.

Who is winning?
I thought hubby and I were the only adults to give their stuffed animals silly lives...guess we have lots of like-minded friends on Jigidi. Thanks for the chuckle.

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