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Scarlett when she was a puppy

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Precious Scarlett trying to do her own grooming.
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Cute dogs are my favourite.


She's a darling, Mary!!! I can see the spunk in her eyes.


I think I had just started Jigidi when I started this and had no idea that I was suppose to respond to people who commented. Very belatedly I thank you all who wrote. She is now 11 and ever more precious to me. Mary

110 is the number of solves when I solved it

She is cute. I haven't heard of that dog.


"Matted hair should be removed through daily brushing and combing. Grooming the Coton de Tulear can be quite a challenge." from
I guess Scarlett knew that & was trying to do her own daily grooming. what a cutie!
I have never heard of this breed before so am interested in learning more.
"The nose is black in colour in the Coton de Tulear Club of America standard. However, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale standard, which also favors a black nose, states that brown is tolerable as well. A pink or partly pink nose is not accepted in either standard. The lips are tight and of the same colour as the nose, specifically black in the Coton de Tulear Club of America standard. The teeth can be in a scissor bite or pincer bite. The eyes are round, dark in colour, and wide set. The expression should be lively, intelligent, bright, and merry. The ears are triangular and set high. The leather of the ear should be thin. The neck is strong, without a dewlap, and slightly arched." "This breed does not have the common "doggie smell" and, when properly bathed and groomed, has little to no odor." "The Coton has a coat that requires brushing and combing almost daily and bathing about once per week to maintain its beauty. Cotons love swimming; owners who have pools are recommended to let their Cotons play in the pool with supervision. Like poodles, they do not "shed", meaning they don't drop hair on furniture, carpeting, etc. They do lose hair; the texture of their coat causes the shed hair to be trapped in the coat. If not brushed and combed daily, the fur of this breed will mat up quickly and may require shaving. Cotons need a short walk every day for exercise, but will appreciate a play session as often as possible, and have the endurance to go on a long hike" Seems like a high maintenance dog. Bless their owners. I wouldn't be able to do such frequent brushing.
"It is a fairly rare breed and is just now being accepted and recognized by the AKC as of 2012. The fact that this is a breed being revived from extinction means that the Coton de Tulear is rather expensive to purchase and prices may reach $1,800.00-$3,500 per dog." WOW!!! that's an expensive pup!




She is so precious Mary. I just discovered your puzzles and I really like them. Everybody calls me Mimi


Hi Mary,Scarlett is so cute,she reminds me of our
Maltees Poodle,Jonty he was so clever and so loved.
When he died it was as bad as loosing our child.
I'm sorry you lost your husband.
Glad you discovered Jigidi,it has brought me into closer
contact into Gods beautiful world. Maureen


A sweet face on a sweet girl, Mary! Thanks for sharing her!


Thank you for your comments. She was a puppy there. She is 6 years old and is a Coton de tule are. She stayed by my husband at hospice for 9 days. She truly loved him. She is a delight. Hugs back. Mary


Adorable. Thank you, Mary.


How cute she is, and what a gorgeous photo, thanks Mary. Hugs to you, from Janet.

what kind of dog is Scarlett?

Why this advertisement?