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Kit Cat caught a mousie

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Kit Cat worked miracles, teaching my dad to love a cat and giving him joy in his last nine months. Now my mom has been seriously ill and KC has been working his magic with her. He is a very special cat.
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  1. Syke5:13
  2. calluna5:28
  3. webpeggy5:48
  4. babray5:58
  5. Impie6:14
  6. Trish2376:33
  7. tilt6:50
  8. mojasasenka7:09
  9. thehippo7:53
  10. reflections7:57


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@llong33 , yes, they are both spoiled and loved! I don’t know what I would do without them!

From your puzzles, I think you have a lot of 'spoiled' but cute 'kids' in your feline family! :)


what a beautiful kitty.
and a miracle worker too.

same way here, webpeggy, it is amazing to watch those transformations. ☺♥☺♥


Thank you Cirrus and Mrgoodboy! KC really is a good little boy even though he likes to take mom’s chair. I think he does it to make her laugh because he always gets down. When she was confined to her bed, I didn’t see him get in that chair once.


Trish, KC did it twice because although mom didn’t hate cats she always thought they belonged outside. It didn’t take long before he was waltzing into the house! She can’t do much now but it gives her purpose to take care of the cat. Although we all know he is actually taking care of her!


Babray, my dad thought he was strictly a dog person and there was no such thing as a good cat. Kit Cat took care of that. It was so funny that dad had to tell every person he met about KC, and that they had never met a cat like that. Any new doctor had to hear about the cat before dad wanted to listen to them!


Patsy, you’re right, he is always alert and takes his job very seriously! Yes, you might say I kind of fell in love with him, also!


I knew you were a Kit Cat friend, Impie! Yes, he is very clever. He somehow figured out how dad was anti-cat and he went to work on him that very first day, as soon as he got his belly full. He was nearly starved and when he finished that milk he had a very round belly!


Thanks for the tag, webpeggy. I'm so happy that your dad had learned to love a cat before he passed.....especially this precious boy! He's so beautiful!
I'm sorry to read that your mum has been seriously ill. I hope she's recovered well and will enjoy Kit Cat for a long time to come! Best wishes to you and your family! ♥


Kit Cat looks very alert in this photo. He has worked magic with both your parents, and I'd bet with you as well. Sending lots of love to you, your mom, and Kit Cat. -Patsy

I know exactly what you mean! In my dad's last days Meowser, one of our cats would "take care" of dad. If he tried to climb out of the home hospital bed, Meowser would get in bed with him and cuddle and dad would quieten down. Amazing beings!
We'd never been cat people as my mother was allergic, but after we were adopted by cats dad always said he thought he was a dog person, but cats are so much more interesting! ☺☺☺


It's amazing how pets can bring such joy and happiness into the lives of humans who love them. I'm pleased your dad got to enjoy KC for 9 months and it's lovely to hear how he's helping your mum, they are so clever and intuitive. Definitely a special cat. ❤️


wow, your kitty is a real blessing, thanks

What a good little boy. God bless all of you .


Thank you, calluna! It means a lot.


Kit Cat is an amazing cat...hope he continues to work his magic! Best wishes to you and your mum. ♥♥


@thehippo, @Impie, @babray

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