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Paul Bunyan holding my grandson

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Taken last weekend by my son
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You have a good memory, Jillian.
Yes, it's Mark, Sylvia. I guess he didn't want his picture taken, according to his dad, but You're right that he will love the photo when he gets older.


Going to google to find out about Paul Bunyan. What a funny and nice photo of Mark (is it Mark?) sitting in this huge hand. He's going to love this photo when he's a grown-up! Love this, thank you!


No wouldn’t be common knowledge Li but I remember reading about it once


It really is, Old Git. Thanks.
That is probably one of the biggest Paul Bunyans I've "seen," Jillian. I guess the Blue Ox must have wandered off. Is this legend commonly known in NZ?
I'm sure they did, GG. I wish I could have been there with them.
I suspect he was scared at first, though, Sharon. There was a close-up of him on the hand, and it looks like he's crying. He must have gotten over it for this pic, though.


Oh, this is really a cute one. And he looks so happy to be sitting on that great big hand. I remember the Paul Bunyan figures in Brainerd and Bemidji. They seemed so huge to me as a kid. I also remember losing a game of tic-tac-toe to a chicken at Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd. :)) Your kids are building great memories with their kids.


Aw...what a cute photo, and I am sure your family had a lot of fun getting it! Thank you, Li! ☺

Very sweet photo, He's so cute. Thank you for sharing Li. Hugs and love.


That is huge! How cute to have your grandson sitting there. Don’t see the blue ox around though :) thanks Li


Good fun :~)


You're welcome, Tea. Seeing my grandson there sure gives perspective on this giant!


What a fun puzzle! And seeing your tiny grandson sit in the hand is awesome :) Thanks for the puzzle Li !



Yes, Ianto. Thanks.

More later I hope.


According to the Bible, there WILL be an end to history at some point. We need to be spiritually prepared.

Sadly, I hope that it does.


That's a fun thought, Ianto. If our world lasts that long!!

Something that will always be with him. I can see him taking the same pictures of his kids and grandkids.


That's fun, Hike. We have these chairs scattered around our area, too, but I've never heard of them being called "Paul Bunyan resting chairs." I love that. Of course, the legends of Paul Bunyan are claimed by the upper Midwest Northwoods areas of MN, WI, and MI. Thanks for the link, too.
You're welcome, Heicel. I wondered if those of you from other countries would have heard of our fun legend. I'm glad you looked it up. Thanks.

I had to google Paul Bunyan and was delighted about what I found out. And of course, that sweet, sweet grandson of yours....Thanks a lot for sharing this moment !


What a funny coincidence - our HOG chapter (motorcycle club) had a ride this year to all 10 of the Paul Bunyon resting chairs scattered around Maine's western mountains (aka the River Valley). We'd seen one of them before, but never even noticed it until we learned about those resting chairs:

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