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Winter Season

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Winter weather has blown in to this countryside cottage. All is silent and the river is frozen, but that won't stop those in the cottage from having a wonderful holiday vacation.
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  1. katla77773:10
  2. limpduck3:25
  3. xyz23:27
  4. katiuscia3:39
  5. baba24:05
  6. redrickshaw4:07
  7. RosieSmurf4:07
  8. debdaz4:16
  9. jigidi20214:26
  10. mkay43794:28


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A lovely snowy scene, thanks hcamp. It was fun zooming in & finding the little red cardinals huddled together on the bare tree, & the icicles are wonderful. That sky looks a bit laden - they may be getting more snow before long! (5:45)


All, thank you for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Haney :-)

Great place - looks like fun!


Ye very fun to do what artistry! I love hoe the rocks are all snow caped!, how the snow has fallen onto the pine limbs! The smoke coming out of the chimney and thin ice lays on the water. Whose going out for the mail when it comes?

So pretty! Thank you


Beautiful and lovely painting. The kids are out playing in the snow, someone is chopping wood for the fireplace and Dad is off to the grocery store in his red pickup to get some supplies. Hope he finds what he is going for. :-) 'Around here, the pickings are not so good right now. :-( This was a fun puzzle, Haney and thank you for finding it.

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