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18.36.54, Connecticut, USA

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This shiny brown vector of a home is the last thing you’d expect to find in the Connecticut countryside. Designed to combine avant-garde and cozy living, the bronzed stainless steel structure challenges the notions of “the house in the landscape” with its bold design.
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Very nice! Thank you

Gayle; I saw your comment and forgot to come back to it. I think I answered on another puzzle that the outside surface was glazed copper sheeting. I think it makes it like a bronze backed mirror. Thx Gayle and Bill


I love a lot about this house. I could see it well placed in a rocky mountain setting, like here in Colorado. It would be fun to visit for real and walk through it. Thanks, Tim.


So, are we looking at wood or metal? I think wood. High sheen finish or did it just stop raining? I guess if it were given to me free of any maintenance headaches, I could handle it. Thanks, Tim.

I have to say that this is my favorite of all the house, not that I would ever want to own it let alone live in it. All the angles, the bronzed reflective surface make it totally different than anything I have ever seen. It is more apiece of modern art than a domicile.

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