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Photo's taken from Hoek van Holland/Maasvlakte, where the big ships enter (leave) Rotterdam harbours. This is one...

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of a group of ships that are called 'baggeraars' (dredger). They suck up sand/mud from the bottom of the big rivers / the harbours / the canals so the big ships can keep on 'sailing'.
They bring it out to the sea and 'dump' it on places where it should become more shallow. F.i. near the coast, so the beach/dunes/dikes don't collaps during the next big storm.
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You are making me more jealous, Lia. I'm glad that you have found a nice place to watch the world go by. I always loved going along the Niece Waterweg as there was so much going on. Enjoy. XX


I am in June on a campingsite in Rockanje. That is 15 to 20 km away from the Nieuwe Waterweg, and I sometimes drive out there and put my car opposite to Hoek van Holland, on a parking at the 'head' of Maasvlakte 2, the newest and biggest industry area which has been made out of the North Sea (new land) and is opposite of Hoek van Holland and where the biggest newest container harbours are. There is a little café there, and with a 'broodje kroket met koffie' (small lunch) I can sit and watch what goes in and out. I hadn't done that for about 20 years and it is soooo nice!!!!


I'll look forward to them, Lia. You just make me jealous that you have seen so many ships. 🤢XX


I knew you would look!
Tomorrow some container ships....
Day after: fishing boats...


Nice one, Lia. You knew that I couldn't resist! I have worked with similar dredgers. Not on them, but supporting them. Fond memories. :-))

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