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20 Oct 2020 #2

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these and many other fabrics by various designers and manufacturers available at some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib353:27
  2. wildwater3:29
  3. botmom143:49
  4. spotto4:11
  5. MarshaG614:34
  6. kathy554:35
  7. LeeJiEun4:57
  8. Bididi5:09
  9. K8C5:19
  10. sara343585:24


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thanks solidrock




your are welcome gogogo


Wonderful puzzle to both view and solve - much thanks! ☺︎


no way LLJV! your dining room must look lovely!


thank you

Hey the fabric upper left are my dining room draperies


thanks and you're welcome carol. that square you like,a puzzle within a puzzle?

I enjoyed assembling this puzzle. I especially like the 2nd square in the bottom row. Thank you for this lovely and colorful puzzle.


i love the tie dye too. i didn't think you did these puzzles with the big squares sandy. goodto see you again eva!

Thank you Toto, and I totally agree with Sandy! That is beautiful!!

Now, that's a great puzzle! The colors and designs are quite attractive. also fun to solve. Thanks. Sandy

That’s a pretty one. Thank you.


Thanks Ruth for this fun solve ❣️❣️ The tie die square stands out and caught my
eyes☺️ and just had to solve this..Take care dear friend❣️ Hugs❤️❤️

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