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  1. mamere0:11
  2. chookies0:13
  3. like921150:13
  4. CelesteH0:13
  5. papa12240:13
  6. Gladstone0:14
  7. Kathy480:14
  8. wibble190:14
  9. joy2u0:15
  10. nela090:15


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Mimi thanks glad you like it.


Thanks for the good laugh! Very healthy thing to do!


Good morning everyone Ank you enjoy.
Celeste and Shirley life is to short.
Thanks for the comments love you all.


Good morning big Sister. I see you did a lot of work yesterday. I hope they pay you soon. That's a lot of fuel your cars use.
For me it's the start of a new part of live. Pre pension is over and official pension is started. I hope to enjoy it the coming 30 years.
Enjoy your morning coffee and have a great day.


Oh aint it the truth!!
;) Love it Pkin


I agree, life is to short to be normal, Thanks Pat.


Gosh didn't think there would be so many comments
Jan You just keep the check and I will bill Robbie again. Isn't that how it is done.
Chookies you are so cute and love your comment.
Jacques haven't seen you for a while. You havent been sick have you??
Gladstone gotta love you for that one.
Francine so glad you liked it.
Robbie I did at least 20 invoices today and got them mailed by express mail they will get them tomorrow. Then I will get 90% of the money. That's the only way we can stay in business. When you spend $300.00 per truck a day for fuel only. We are running 4 trucks right now so we are buying $1200.00 of fuel per day. You have to do factor them. If I waited on the companies to pay the invoices I wouldn't get my money for 30 to 45 days. You should know how things are done you used to be in business.


Robbie In reply to your note, I found your check today in the Gulf of Mexico, I am forwarding to Pat.
Well Pat the only thing listed that is me was ODD


Ok, duck off - off to work you twoddle!! Good one!


yeah, good one pat!


Love this. It's written on my back. It gives an other good laugh.


Got to get quacking!!!


Cute, Pat. Thanks.


EXACTLY! Way to go PK, good puzzle. ( Now go get those invoices out! ) By the way, my cheque is in the mail...........


This is so true


Hope everyone has a beautiful day. Need to go to work lot to do today. Haven't invoiced since last friday so I'm going to be busy. See you this evening.
Ank have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

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