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La Bruja

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The Witch. This is the boat I sailed on Rio de la Plata in 2008
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And that's what I like SO much Jacki - the sound of wind in the sails and the silence around, only the wind and the water... :-)))


Janet, I do ok just sailing, but can only pull up to a dock if the wind is light AND coming from exactly the right quarter. On motor boats I'm fine with a small outboard, but again, I'm very clumsy docking anything bigger than 18 feet. But sailing with someone who knows what s/he's doing is lovely! Hugs.


Jacki that looks like a fun ride. I am not a good sailor on powered boats and have never been on sail boat. Thanks and hugs.


It's a racing boat, yes Hanne, it's very light and can move pretty fast. I was most happy we were out on a day with a fairly light breeze as I'm not as agile as I once was! But she'll move along with just a whisper of wind.


It looks veeeery nice and as if it's able to move fast!!! I guess it was real fun Jacki!! Thanks :-)))


Ardy, I make a good mate, but not a great captain, and no, my friend was captain and I just followed orders. It's sunny again here today, but the temperature is 40F (5C) and not expected to get any warmer. Your morning hugs are warmed from inside until further notice (springtime or early summer).


Jacki, I didn't know you were a sailor. Could you handle this by yourself? Wow. Learning new and fun things about you. The folks I lived with built their own sailboat - well, Helen's husband and older son did. The marine supply store was in Annapolis. I knew that route in my sleep. One day I made three round trips before the store got the shrouds and halyards correct. I don't remember that I ever got to ride in it. Hugs.

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