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Rainy Day (Large)

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336 pieces
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Retouched Image [framed]. ©2017-present MelieMelusine
Simply lovey...
Available in 6 sizes
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  1. lianam37:00
  2. Kyndal51:53
  3. dcj272756:35
  4. zdskyle1:01:32
  5. Texposse1:01:33
  6. goblue101:05:30
  7. Ledovec1:08:29
  8. ScuroFenice1:13:42
  9. izabella_131:13:54
  10. fast1:17:53


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Oh you're very welcome :)
Just let me know how or where I may be able to help you :)

Thanks for everything, Kyrin. I do love dragon pics.


That's ok, it means that I can take you straight to a puzzle by putting a @ beside your name. Anyone can do it do anyone (though usually only friends tag each other). You'll find a notification telling you that you've been tagged for every single tagging ;-)
This is how your name looks when tagged @mima82016
You'll see what I mean by the notifications, for I'll tag you now in some of my dragon pics of that piece-range :)

Thanks Kyrin! 60-100 pcs please.
So what does it mean when you tag me? (sorry, new to being tagged on jigidi.)


Thank you mima :-D
I love dragons and the puzzles I've sourced, like this one, were published before I got around to including the title in the key-words search. I only discovered we could do that towards late 2019 (this pre-dates that), and I haven't had time to go through all of my earlier puzzles to fix this, sorry.
I will tag you in the smaller sizes in each of the dragon pics I've got if you wish, what size range would you like (e.g. 9-60pcs, 60-100pcs, 100+pcs)

Hi Kyrin - love your dragon puzzles! Thank you! But I cannot find this one in a smaller size (I searched for Rainy Day). Could you give me the right keyword to find the other sizes? Many thanks!


Certainly can - see you there ;)


Can you do this one in the"Large" size, Kyrin?


Here's one I posted the other day @Peggystarr3 though there are smaller sizes, and one larger size available if you'd prefer xo


Oh thank you Janclaire. I did enjoy some important time off yesterday and have really enjoyed catching up on some puzzle-play too. Now feeling refreshed :D

You should take some time for yourself after a hectic week. We will be here tomorrow just like we are here today!


You're very welcome, friend, and thank you for commenting ;)


Very beautiful picture, enjoyed puzzling it out.


That's terrific! Thank you Lovely. I've finally got back to us here after a very hectic working week, so I got stuck in to making us more puzzles today as my fun time off Lol!

I love this one!

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