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Timmy telling me I can have my sink drain plug back. He looks very proud of him self.
He can also turn on the under cabinet mount radio in the kitchen. Yesterday he turned on the coffeemaker and brewed the coffee. We now keep it un plugged.
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Hahaha , Rob ,I thought it was Dr. Seuss . Yes he is happy with his accomplishments. Jim


Neville , he will greet you at the door for sure, I'll serve you the coffee , he hasn't mastered holding a cup yet without spilling the contents, but he will probably learn to do that too. Jim


Hi Janet, He takes it out every morning, its getting to be a ritual.
That's to bad about Peters cat, Fritti, you have so many poisonous snakes there.
It was so nice having a chat with you and Julian this morning, nice you got some rain too , send us some of that heat Janet, its cold here. Hugs dear friend, Jim


The cat sat on the mat:))) He looks so pleased with himself Jim:))) Thanks :))


Hi Jim, and here is the evidence. If you put it back, he can get it out again! Timmy is a beautiful boy and it's great that he brings you both so much pleasure.
Yes that is a good looking mat. We had a beautiful cat called Fritti (he was Peter's cat) and he could open doors. We were just devastated when he was bitten by a snake.
Thanks and hugs dear friend. Janet


Hi Marlene, Timmy is always happy to get a letter from his Auntie Marlene, he knows he's going to get lots of love and cuddles. He's not to much on making beds , he likes to mess them up instead.
That rug was made by the Indians in Arizona many years ago . It wears like Iron, I should have it hanging on the wall instead of the floor. Thanks for making our day Auntie Marlene , Thanks for the best wishes also . Hope all is well with you. Love and hugs Pat, Timmy and Jim.


Jana , Timmy does many good jobs so he thinks. He says hello to you and his cousin Max. Jim


Smllpkg, this is starting to be an everyday ritual.


HELLO BEAUTIFUL TIMMY. You Are Smart As Well, Good To See You Helping Around The House , I'm Sure Mom & Dad Love You Helping Them, My Cats Always Helped Me. One Of Their Favourite Jobs Was Helping Me Make The Bed, Do You Do That ? Great Looking Mat You Are Sitting On. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == EXTRA BIG CUDDLES & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene. Many Thanks For Sharing Beautiful TIMMY With Us. Love and Best Wishes Pat & Jim. Marlene. X X X X.


☻☻☻ love your good job Timmy, thank you so much Jim ☻


It wasn't as much fun as he thought, once he got it out of there. So you can have it back! LOL

Thanks ☼


I will pour you a cup Eva , Timmy's a good coffee maker Jim

Timmy brewed coffee, I'd put a cup of coffee. Thanks Jim and Timmy. :-))))

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