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This moss was the most amazing green color

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Taken September 16, 2022
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That's interesting information, Mila. Thanks. It's been a long time a-coming, and now I'm getting the surgery I wanted earlier when I was even younger after trying other remedies.
Wow, Patsy! I don't think they should put an age limit on surgeries like that. My dad's uncle got hip replacement surgery when he was in his nineties, getting him out of a wheelchair and onto his feet again. I'm a little behind you at 76.

Great news, Li, that you're getting knee replacement surgery soon. I wish you speedy recovery and newfound ability to resume old activities.

I'm revisiting a knee & hip doctor next week. Last year he said I wasn't a candidate for knee replacement. But the pain and collapsing have increased. Soon I'll be too old. I'm 80. Wait times are 6 months to 2 years!


Li, I had no idea your knee was in such shape. {{{♥️}}} aka a HUG.


That moss is called "old man's beard". Lots in Georgia and Florida has it also. I think is actually a lichen, "Like other lichens it is a symbiosis of two or three fungi and an alga."
Apparently does not kill the trees but defoliates them completely.


You're welcome, Tea.
Thanks, Patsy, for sharing your own situation with walking and balance. I'm hoping that my need for the walker is somewhat temporary. My knee decided this summer not to hold me up and collapses without warning, even with a cane. I can't afford to keep falling, so that is why I decided to use the walker. Even shopping with a cart has become too tiring for my knee. I have knee replacement surgery coming up in three weeks now. My doctor did order a temporary handicapped placard for me, since I will also have to use a walker following the surgery for a while, too. Take care, Patsy.
You're welcome, Ed.
The moss is on a couple of old logs, Sylvia.


Amazing moss, love all of these different greens. What is it covering?


Li, thank you! :)

Li, I'm grateful you made the effort to walk to this beautiful mossy place and to take a photo.
I encourage several kinds of moss in my yard and in outdoor flowerpots (none this green!. But not the same as in a damp forest or around a spring or stream.
I haven't really learned to use my cane, except for one stretch across the living room whenever my balance isn't good. In most areas of the house there are plenty of stable things to hold onto or lean on. At my sister's suggestion, in the yard and flowerbeds I sometimes use a long-handled dandelion digger for stability.

My heavy walker stays in my car except when I go to a farmers' market. For most other shopping and some appointments, I use a shopping cart as my walker (park close to the cart corral if possible). I think I'm about ready for a parking placard for people who can't walk very far, but hope I won't need to use it very much.

Once this year I went for a short walk with rest breaks in a nearby mountain town, holding onto my partner's arm. Otherwise it's been a long time since I've gone for a walk anywhere. I'm hoping to regain enough strength I can go for a long walk with my walker, starting with a paved path in a park and maybe eventually the tree-lined unpaved paths I have loved. ~Patsy


A great photo!
Thank you Li :)


I could have stayed there longer just to soak up the beautiful green, Jillian.
Moss comes in so many interesting colors and configurations, Mila. I was amazed at the moss hanging from live oaks in the south when I was there.
Walkers really do help, Mila. I'm thankful for the stability I have right now with one.


Even though I could manage, I am using the walker or the cane to put less stress on knees and hip, and to help me with balance so I don't fall.


I LOVE moss! I wished for it so much that two of my pots in the patio (my two cypress shrubs), the soil surface are almost completely covered by moss. Not this green of course!


Indeed it is. Thanks Li


I'm glad this gives you a concrete reminder of your special place, Patsy. I can't walk far right now, either. I had to use a walker to get to this place.

Gorgeous! And your camera captured it.
One of my very favourite places was a very mossy area on a creek at the edge of nearby mountains. But it was a boring hike on a forestry road to get to it. I can no longer walk that far. So I just remember it as well as I can. Now I'll have this photo to remind me. Thank you.

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