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Memories Monterey 2017. Larger.

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Next we were off to see the Stevenson House where Robert Louis Stevenson lived in 1879. It's actually the French Hotel, an adobe building (top left) which is now a museum to him, but it was closed. We walked in and I liked the Fuchsia at the front of the house (top right.) Then I spotted a walkway under the building so we went in there and came out on a wonderful garden (bottom left.) It had a huge white Magnolia tree flowering (bottom right) and many gorgeous flowers in the gardens (that's next week!)
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  1. glenestele2:49
  2. alias2v3:03
  3. albertwinestein3:10
  4. dize53:16
  5. dudicat3:25
  6. cjpapay5:28
  7. avosurdnov5:37
  8. Barbara386:19
  9. red216:43


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Thanks so much Lena, hugs. ♥☺

Soo beautiful, thank you Jan ♥️😍


Thanks and hugs Diane. ♥♥


You are the victor this week, Nev. I am putting the winner's sash on you!


She's been out for lunch today with friends Nev! Loving being out of lock down! Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Dize, a really 'scratchy' effort here. But with not many solves, I ended up on top once more. ♥♥♥

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