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Theme - Rocks - Plymouth Rock

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From my archives.

The rock on which the Pilgrims supposedly first set foot in the New World back in 1620. Now protected from the public who through the years broke off pieces of the rock it is located near the shore at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

BTW The original spelling was Plimoth.
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I hope such people are more thoughtless than just being destructive but the result is the same. Thanks, db.


it's a shame that people destroyed the rock
I use to collect rocks but not anymore
I would never took a piece of that one


Actually I understand the first landing was on the end of Cape Cod rather than Plymouth. My memory for true details and legend get mixed. I also think I've read the rock was moved to protect the rock. Or the water isn't that far away. Maybe the land has filled in since 1620. Shore lines do change. If I weren't feeling lazy I could research it. Just saying. ☺ Thanks, Faye.


Okay, now how did they get a rather large, wooden ship with a deep draught close enough to the shoreline so that they could jump from the ship onto a large rock and wade ashore? As lela would say, "Just asking." LOL


That it is, Iris. Thanks.


Precious piece of history! Grins!☺


Thanks, my friend. ♥♥




You're welcome, Val. I'm not into jewelry and precious or semi-precious stones but these are rocks. ☺ Just a different kind.


Ardy I am enjoying these little snap shots of American History thank You Hugs♥♥


You're welcome, Barb. I think I'm taking a page from your book and stretching the theme. LOL


You're welcome, Pat.


Great theme photo and a part of history. Thank you, Ardy, very interesting :)


Very nice Ardy, interesting, thanks..


Jacki, if they were wanting to remember its English counterpart why not use that spelling to begin with. As I said to Lunie, maybe someday I'll look into it. I'm happy you liked my interpretation of the theme. Thanks. ♥Hugs♥


Thanks, Lunie. I have no idea. Maybe someday I'll look into it. ☺


Thanks, Wanda. I'm about out of historic rocks. LOL Glad you have enjoyed the mini history lessons.


Thank you, Suzy. I haven't been back there was years. I'm surprised the guides and workers around The Mayflower and the grounds don't keep better watch. Respect is not something being actively taught these days. It's really too bad.

High today 65 and rain - all day. Hope it's better up there. Hugs ♥


Since we continue to pronounce the town as Plimoth it seems odd they felt it necessary to change the spelling to Plymouth. The town is not shaped like either a moth or a mouth. Ah, well, the vagaries of spelling rules, I suspect, don't apply. Somebody probably wanted it spelled like its English counterpart. Good theme puzzle, Ardy. Thanks and ♡hugs.


I agree with Wanda... but i just wonder why the change in spelling from Plimoth to Plymouth?


Thank you, Ardy, for maintaining your "teaching mode." Your wonderful postings are entertaining and fun as well as educational. Never too old to learn! Wanda


When we were at Plimoth 2 years ago, we were saddened to see the enclosure for the rock riddled with garbage. What has happened to being respectful?

With that, a good morning to you, Ardy! Wishing you a sunny and bright day today!!! ♥


You're welcome, ibeeducky. Glad to bring back good memories.


Gosh, we were there in the early 80's. Thanks for the memories. I had forgotten the plimoth spelling. :)

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