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More Prayers to Pele

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  1. uhkillease24:28
  2. lalapix29:04
  3. Opaatje38:49
  4. dorothyds41:25
  5. JoJoJodie43:08
  6. gbd47:06
  7. mamastella47:50
  8. Susan19731:12:39
  9. Wicahpi1:13:22
  10. carpetak1:21:30


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Pele's on the move - recreating her Kingdom. Her lava flows are building a bigger island, just as she's done for eons of time. I saw a couple of poignant photos of offerings left for Pele on the cooled lava. Traditional bundles, leis, shells, etc. There really is a spirit in the people. What a monolithic eruption! Reminds me a Mt. St. Helens in WA in 1980. Thanks, Stella...


All the while I'm doing this puzzle, I'm sending good wishes and strength to the people living in Paradise with Hellfire raining down on them.

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