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,,,πŸ„ε½‘ Mushrooms ε½‘πŸ„,,,

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Amanita pantherina
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  1. Robbos0:20
  2. JillianB0:21
  3. MNBrown0:23
  4. dobrajaneckova0:24
  5. Ianto0:24
  6. pavla70:26
  7. daasha0070:27
  8. lenty0:30
  9. Blokjeagogo0:31
  10. Juba10100:31


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Marina, in most cases the touch of a mushroom is not dangerous unless you put your hand in your mouth. Poisoning does not occur until people eat the poisonous mushrooms. In addition, for most poisonous mushrooms, quick relief without consequences is effective. But there are species whose poison does work until after 24 hours and then help is no longer possible, so you do well, in any case it is better to keep your distance when you are not sure πŸ„β™₯:))


It looks attractive but I wouldn't touch it.. all dotty mushrooms are dangerous..


Yes, Gail, that's right, it looks like someone put a freshly baked seed bun in the moss. In fact, this fungus is poisonous. A very similar fungus is Amanita rubescens, which is excellent. The difference between them is relatively small. Both mushrooms have a "skirt" on the leg. This Amanita pantherina has a smooth, that second one, edible and excellent Amanita rubescens has a skirt with vertical grooves. This minimal difference causes frequent poisoning when people do not know it well. In general, good knowledge is required when collecting mushrooms. If you are not sure, it is better to leave the mushroom in the forest πŸ„β™₯:))


This one looks very tasty, like a seeded bun! πŸ₯° So tricky, since it's poisonous, yes?

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