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So glad. I did miss your pretty blue face on Jigidi. Just seen the beautiful wedding photos and am so glad you were away for a happy reason. Take care Robyn and see round the puzzles. Sharon


Thanks Sharon! No germs - I've just been in Sydney for a wedding - then catching up!!!


Good to see you back here today Robyn. I do hope that the germs do not return and catch a hold of you. Hope you are healthy and happy☺ Sharon


Thanks Shirley :))


Nice clear picture, Rob, Thank you.


LOL!! You must have timed your walk during nesting season Robbie:))) I can just picture it :)))) Thanks!!!

They're much nicer than crows Laura - and have a much sweeter song:)) They're smaller than crows too - and we used to throw small pieces of bread & cheese to them!!! Thanks!

That'd be good Floyd - thanks!!!


Our magpies are very crafty and difficult to get a picture of, but I will try.


He looks like a fancy crow! I like the white beak.


What a fun puzzle Robyn, picture and comments! I was walking around Hampton Court in London and got "swooped" three times by one. It was scary and a bunch of kids laughing at me informed me there was a nest nearby........They waited a while to tell me!!........Great puzzle, thanks.


LOL!! I can just picture you on your walk Nev :))))
Our Postie cops a few swoops though - but then he always wears a helmet!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks Barb - I really like the Maggies - especially the young ones :))


Just like everyone else said, you did a great job catching the bird, Rob :))) I'm surprised to see a white beak....Handsome bird :))) Love it ❤


Thanks Lorna - you'll have to post a photo of yours too!!

Ha! Ours don't swoop around here Sharon - I guess it's because they know us - or maybe their nests aren't nearby:))))

Thanks Patti!!

Most definitely Suzy :)))) Thanks!


Proof that black and white should be part of any wardrobe!


Wonderful photo!


This guy seems to be surviving the drought in very good condition. He is going to seem like a missile come swooping season!! :~)


Striking bird, and quite different from our magpies too.


LOL! Thanks Cathy - all dressed up & nowhere to go :))))

Thanks Janet! Maybe the school yard has good pickings :)))

Thanks Jan - I often wondered how to tell the genders apart!! Thanks for the tip:)))


He's very handsome, Rob, and healthy too. One of the differences to tell male from female is that the female's white neck is a little greyer.


Great pic Rob. He's got his eye on something there. My friend has taught a family of magpies and butcher birds to catch pieces of meat "on the wing." When I was at school today (where I used to work) there were maggies everywhere on the lawns. I was surprised to see so many there.
Thanks for the great post, hugs, janet


Beautiful black and white bird!! A rather formal look!!! : )


They sound like very lucky birds Nev :)))) I love watching the young Maggies learn the ropes :))) Thanks Nev!

Thanks Beekay - I have to agree!!!


He is a handsome bird Robyn. TFS.


You'll have to post a photo of yours Floyd - I'd like to see them!!! Thanks!!


Neat photo Rob. It s different than our magpies as well.


Thanks Ami :)))

Thanks Dave - I took it about 1 hour ago - there was 2 of them foraging for bugs!!


Awesome photo, Robyn! Its very different from our two kinds of magpies.


Fabulous shot Robyn!!!

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