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Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, CA

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That's a big canvas! It's difficult to work out how big in a jigsaw puzzle :-) I thought it was acrylic but then I thought perhaps coloured pencils were used. Guess the first gut feeling is right :-)

Agree with you 100% about leaving a painting out where you can see it as you go around the house. It is surprising what you can see when you are not up close and personal doing the actual painting. I find a similar thing if I scan or photograph artwork and zoom in on the computer screen. I pick up missing bits (like in a detailed Zentangle/doodle) that I completely missed.

Pretty please will you share the "after" picture when you've taken it? I'd enjoy seeing what you found to improve. Cheers, Chrissie


Thanks, foxymoron. It's done in acrylics, 24"x36". After looking at it over our mantel for several weeks, I took it down and made some improvements, and I like it better. I haven't photographed the "after" yet. It takes awhile to figure out what paintings need, doesn't it?


Thanks for sharing your lovely artwork, DJ.
Which medium is this? Acrylics?

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