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Vintage Fruit Crate Labels depicting Love, Hearts, Valentines

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Has been a rough two weeks in my world. I got a bacteria infection with a fever and got extremely dehydrated and got endless dry heaves that just wiped me out. The medicine for the infection made me so ill, couldn't eat, sleep or relax and then I got a massive migraine headache. Finally they found an anti nausea medicine so I could rehydrate and the medicine started fighting the infection.

Today I feel amazing. Today is amazing. Life is good again.

I pray all is well in your world. Hugs, GrandmaPegs.

I had a large number of hearts and sweetheart puzzles ready to post so you will all be getting your Valentines from me late. But then everyday is worth celebrating!
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Thanks Grandmapegs ☺️ you are one tough cookie! Pleased to read your positive post. And thanks Dotty for your snippet of info about Winter Haven.


Pag dear , I am so happy you are feeling much better after having such
difficult times . Thק puzzle is a beauty and I enjoyed doing it very much .
Keep on going and my ( and others ) prayers will escort you .


I just love that all these are from Florida, Peg! Winter Haven is a special town. They used to grow and export more caladium than anywhere in the world! There are still orange groves, but about 30 yrs, the town was dying. They hired artists to begin painting murals around town on the sides of buildings of the area's history, natural beauty, famous people, until there are now several dozen murals and Winter Haven is a lovely tourist spot. Google murals of Winter Haven and enjoy! (They got the idea from Chemanius, on Vancouver Island, which also had a rebirth due to murals.)


So glad you are well. julie.

So sorry to hear you have been unwell. Hope you are much better soon. You don't know me, but I love your puzzles.


I was a sissy - even cried a time or two. So glad to be back, thank you.


I've been there and its not for sissies. I'm glad you are back!

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